Published Works.

Rents doubled at apartments linked to Greek shipping family (Sunday Business Post).  (Sept 2017).

Trump, the Wild West and Digital Capitalism.  (May 2017).

A Great Bunch of Lads (Rabble): Feature on Irish Exceptionalism (March 2017).

I Think Therefore I am Capital (Adbusters): Feature on Climate Change, Capitalism & Animism (Sept 2016).

A Taste of the Future (Rabble): Investigative Feature on Deliveroo’s Work Practices (July 2016).

That’s All Folks (Rabble): Interview with Roy Scranton, author of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene (August 2016).

Catch It While You Can (Rabble): Interview with Risteard O Donnel, director and writer of Atlantic (April 2016).

Selective Memories (Rabble): Feature on Ireland’s response to the Refugee Crisis (December 2015).

Caught in the Net (Rabble): Review of Dublin’s Web Summit (November 2015).

Is the Music Festival Slowly Dying(Rabble): Feature on the increasing commodification of music festivals (September 2015).

Howya Horse (Rabble): Feature on the decline of the Smithfield HorseFair (June 2015).

Put’em Under Pressure: Fighting the Frackers (Rabble): Feature on the community resistance to fracking in Ireland (January 2015).

Anybody Buying or Selling? (Rabble): Feature on Ticket Touts (June 2014).